Uduino Plugin: Wifi for esp8266 and esp32 (v3.5.0)


Uduino Wifi plugin allows you to communicate between Arduino and Unity wirelessly! Your code developed with Uduino is fully compatible with Uduino Wifi with no extra configuration. 

To use Uduino Wifi plugin, import it on Unity and follow the installation procedure. 

– Install the new Arduino library

 – Upload Uduino_Wifi code on your board or upgrade existing code.  

– Toggle “Wifi” on the inspector panel 

– You’re ready to go ! 

 A detailed setup is available here: https://marcteyssier.com/uduino/plugins/wifi 

 So far, the list of known compatible boards are : ESP8266-01    

Node MCU 0.9

Node MCU 1.0

WeMos D1, R1 &R2


ESP 32

ESPectro Core 

SparkFun ESP8266 Thing 

Node MCU 32S

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/input-management/uduino-plugin-wifi-for-esp8266-and-esp32-134187

Download Links:

Asset Version (v3.5.0)

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