Hyper Inventory, Crafting, Hotbar, Lootchest & Vendor System V2 (5.1)VIP 

Hyper Inventory Crafting Hotbar Lootchest Vendor System

Any game needs an advanced inventory system right? It does not matter what game, this is the one for you! I have made this highly adaptable and customizable inventory system for you.

Technical Details

·        Enhanced Input

·        Network Replicated

·        I expect it to work on all platforms, only tested on windows

·        Main logic implemented in actor components so you can drag and drop it on an actor

·        Datatable driven where possible


Blueprints: 185

Meshes: 416

Materials: 234

Textures: 1219

Multiplayer Survival Framework

All my v2 assets van be combined to a Multiplayer Survival Framework. Check out the details in the discord to get early access!

Original_Link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/hyper-inventory-system-v2

Download Links:

Asset Version (5.1)


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