Next-Gen Screen-Space Edge-Bevel (v1.1.0)


NGSSEB or Next-Gen Screen-Space Edge-Bevel is a camera command buffer effect that smooth the look of geometry edges. Perfect for detached geometry such as CAD or ArchViz models or any model that requires a real-time soldering touch.

– Super optimized and fast, adjustable quality levels
– Smooth look, perfect for scenes composed of models that need this edgy attached/soldering look

– Per material masking, allows to disable the effect on any material
– Plug and play, does not require any asset modification, just drag the script to your main camera and voila
– Compatible with any built-in shader (custom or not), works only with deferred rendering
– AR/VR/XR single-pass and multi-pass supported

– Just drag the script to your main camera and tweak the properties to suit your project quality needs

– Does not work with Forward rendering
– There’s no normal map masking, gbuffer gets completely filtered but future versions will provide per object masking to fine tune edge bevels
– If you are targeting mobile don’t go crazy with the Quality, recommended on powerful devices only

– Improvements to the algorithm (better edge detection)
– Screen space masking (per-object/per-pixel masking)
– SRP ports (HDRP and URP planned for late 2020)


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.1.0)

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