InTerra ~ Shaders for Terrain & its Objects (v3.4.0)


Essential features for Terrain, including currently the most advanced Object-Terrain blending. Everything was carefully designed for quick and easy workflow and all you need to do to use the InTerra features is to select the InTerra shader for your Terrain or Object Material.

The main features:

  • Integration of Objects into Terrain
  • Tessellation (HDRP Only)
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  • Hiding Texture Repetition
  • Triplanar Mapping
  • Heightmap Blending
  • Automatic Steep Slopes Texturing
  • Color Tint Texture
  • Base Map Support

You can see the detailed list of the shaders features in Technical details.

❗ URP and HDRP shaders are available only from version 2021.2.0f1.

There are the Standard and the Diffuse shaders for the Built-in render pipeline and Lit shaders for URP and HDRP.

Shaders are supported for PC(Windows) and Linux.

❗ If you are using URP or HDRP it is needed for the Shader Variant Limit (in Edit/Preferences/Shader Graph) to be set at least to 1538. It is recommended to set the Shader Variant Limit before the import, or there may be need to reimport the Object into Terrain Integration shader after changing the value.

Built-in shaders can take about 15 to 20 minutes to import, while the URP and HDRP shaders are imported within a minute and it is recommended to deselect the Built-in folder before import if you are importing into HDRP or URP project.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v3.4.0)

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