Slate Cinematic Sequencer (v2.2.1)


SLATE is the most efficient, easy and intuitive sequencer for creating cinematic or gameplay cutscenes in Unity, full of unique features and an artist friendly UI/UX for achieving the best workflow and results possible within a lesser amount of time.

SLATE will help you achieve your creative vision without the hassle, in a familiar linear track-oriented realtime editor inspired by software like Adobe After Effects and Premiere right inside Unity.

Feature Highlights
• Take control in a sleek sequencer editor with all expected pro features.
• Unparalleled realtime scrubbing and preview with deterministic sampling.
• Direct and create moving camera shots without the hassle.
• Automatic smooth blend in and out of the gameplay camera.
• Compose shots without keyframes utilizing the Dynamic Shot Controller.
• Play, layer and cross-blend animation clips.
(with support for root motion, avatar masks, and animated IK controls.)
(no need to create an animator controller. Legacy clips are also supported.)
• Animate clip parameters within the clips and achieve much more with far less.
• Animate any property on the actor or within its whole transform hierarchy.
• Vizualize and edit animations with 3D Motion Paths directly in the scene view.
• Playback audio clips and video clips with full editor preview.
• Organize cutscenes with Time Sections and sub-Cutscenes.
• Utilize Virtual Actor References for working with prefab actors with ease.
• Reuse cutscenes at any world position with animation in Cutscene Space.
• Lots of premade clips included for animating lighting, time, fog, particles, 2D sprites, material properties, facial expressions, head look-at, IK, subtitles, image overlays, even pathfinding and more with full scrubbing and realtime editor preview.
• Animate anything within a familiar curve editor and an intuitive dopesheet.
• Play cutscenes in all ways possible. Once, Loop, Ping Pong, forwards, backwards, a specific section, or any combination within these words.
• Render to PNG, EXR, or MP4 along with render elements.
(Free Extension. This feature only works with the Standard Rendering Pipeline).
• Extend and create custom tracks and clips with ease using a clean API.
• Publish to all platforms.
• Source Code included.
• VR workflow supported.
• And much more…

Currently Available Integrations:
• Dialogue System for Unity.
• FlowCanvas.
• Master Audio.
• Midi Player Tool Kit.
• NodeCanvas.
• Playmaker.
• LipSync. (With Realtime Preview)
• PuppetFace. (With Realtime Preview)
• FinalIK. (With Realtime Preview)
• Spine. (With Realtime Preview)
• CaronteFX. (With Realtime Preview)
• Alembic Importer. (With Realtime Preview)
• Post Processing Stack v2. (Animate and blend Depth of Field)
• Unity HDRP. (Animate and blend Depth of Field)
• Unity URP. (Animate and blend Depth of Field)


Download Links:

Asset Version (v2.2.1)

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