Animation Baking Studio (3D to 2D) v4.0.1


You can take pictures of various 3D models in various directions. Output files are sprite sheets, animation clips, normal maps, and etc. that can be used for 2D or 2.5D games.

Technical details

※ Major Features

o Legacy and mechanim animation model

o Particle System model

o Continuous filming models and animations

o Continuous filming in various directions

o Various shadow types

o Sprite sheet creation

o Animation clips creation

o Animator controller creation

o Prefab creation

o Normal map creation

o Material creation

o Play Mode Baking (Support for mirror animations and animation rigging)

※ Please delete SpriteBakingStudio folder and update it when you update it on SBS 2.

※ If SpriteBakingStudio folder is imported from Package Manager, delete SpriteBakingStudio package in your asset download folder.

※ Please look Object Baking Studio if you want to capture one screenshot not animation.

※ Object Baking Studio is cannot be upgraded to this asset.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v4.0.1)

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