Android Native Goodies! (v1.8.5)


Android Goodies is a vast collection of Android native methods that help you integrate Android features that are not available in Unity.


  • Clean and flexible API
  • No overriding of Unity default activity
  • Every API method is documented.
  • Full source code included
  • Well-written documentation



• Show all alarms, set the alarm with all properties, or set timer

• Open other apps by package, watch YouTube video in native app

• Create a calendar event with all required params or open calendar app on the provided date

• Dial or directly call a phone number, and check if the user has a phone app.

• Open maps location, address, check if the user has a maps app

• Open any system settings screen

• Native share text, text+image, video, tweet, email, send SMS, etc, check if the user has Twitter, SMS, or email app installed

• Share directly to the most popular messaging apps

• Pick a photo from the gallery app, save the picture to the gallery

• Take a photo with the camera and get the image

• Video, sound, or arbitrary file picker.

• Contact picker

• Copy text to clipboard

• Print images and HTML documents

★ Local notifications ★

• Support for various styles (messaging, inbox, big text, big picture and many many more)

• Scheduling and scheduling repeating notifications

• Cancelling by id or all at once • Manage notification channels and channel groups

• Pass custom data with the notification

• Check if the app was open via a notification (if it wasn’t running)

★ Native UI ★

• Showing native alert dialogs with buttons/radio buttons/checkboxes

• Showing date/time picker

– Show spinner/horizontal progress bar

• Showing toasts and immersive mode methods.

• Set wallpapers from file/texture, set with crop, and reset wallpaper to default.

★ Retrieving Info ★

• Various methods to get various info about devices and apps (android.os.Build, android.os.Build.Version) and other

• Access to some android.os.Environment properties and methods

• Internet connectivity and wifi-related methods

• Telephony-related methods

★ Hardware ★

• Get device battery charge level

• Enable and disable camera flashlight (as a torch), check if the device has a flashlight

• Listen to GPS location changes with all the detailed GPS data, check if GPS is enabled, and get the last known location

• Check if the device has a vibrator, vibrate or vibrate pattern, support for new vibration effects API Other

• Method to save Unity Texture2D to Android gallery

• Fingerprint authentication and fingerprint data encryption/decryption

★ Other ★

• Manage and request Android Runtime Permissions

• Manage Android SharedPreferences the native way.


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