Digger PRO – Voxel enhanced terrains (v6.0)


Digger PRO is a smart voxel terrain tool that enhances Unity terrains without the downsides of full-voxel engines. It is the result of 8 years of experience writing voxel solutions for Unity.

Digger PRO will make you feel like you have a voxel terrain in your hands, without the downsides of it. If you need to make caves, drill, excavate, shovel, or more generally, shape your terrains in all dimensions, this tool is made for you. It actually turns your standard terrains into fully destructible terrains.

With this tool, you will be able to:

➤ Dig in real-time, at runtime.

➤ Update NavMesh at runtime.

➤ Persist and load at runtime.

➤ Dig in your Unity terrain just like if it was a smooth voxel terrain.

➤ Create overhangs (the opposite of digging).

➤ Apply different textures on the overhangs, in the caves, etc.

Key features:

Digger PRO has all Digger features + real-time / in-game editing support.

➤ Realtime editing powered by Unity’s JobSystem and Burst.

➤ Async editing at runtime to avoid FPS drops

➤ NavMesh update at runtime

➤ Easy to setup (see setup instructions) and easy to use

➤ Dig/add mater on terrain

➤ Paint textures on cave meshes

➤ Paint/unpaint holes on cave meshes so you can integrate your own underground meshes

➤ Automatic collision solver

➤ Automatic LOD groups creation

➤ Multi-terrains support

➤ Compatible with any Unity terrain, whether it was made by hand, with Gaia, MapMagic, TerrainComposer or any other tool

➤ Enhance Digger with the Advanced Operations module

➤ Create blocky or lowpoly style terrains with PolyTerrain (fully integrated with Digger PRO)


➤ Bonus: adds advanced triplanar mapping to built-in terrain shaders.

➤ Standard terrain shader.

➤ URP 12 and 14 terrain shader.

➤ HDRP 12 and 14 terrain shader.

➤ MicroSplat (requires MicroSplat Digger module)

Other features:

➤ Full undo/redo support in editor

➤ Lets you set higher resolution for Digger generated meshes

➤ ‘Sync & Refresh’ button to recompute everything (useful if terrain textures or terrain heights changed)

➤ ‘Clear’ button to remove all modifications made with the tool

➤ Remove grass and details automatically

➤ Persists modifications on the fly


Digger PRO requires Unity 2021.3 or a more recent version. It also requires Burst and AI Navigation packages.

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/terrain/digger-pro-voxel-enhanced-terrains-149753

Download Links:

Asset Version (v6.0)

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