Beast – Advanced Tessellation Shader (v2023.1)


Beast is an advanced tessellation shader integrated into Unity’s Standard (for Built-in RP) and Lit (for Universal RP) shaders and offers:

• Four types of tessellation:
1. Fixed
2. Distance Based
3. Edge length
4. Phong

• Recalculation of displaced Normals and Tangents.
• Supports lightmapping and global illumination.
• Fully compatible with Unity’s post processing and image effects.
• Faster shadow caster pass with controllable tessellation LOD.
Shaders are Curved World compatible.
Asset is already included in the Amazing Shaders Bundle.

• Shaders are compatible with Built-in and Universal render pipelines.
• Device with tessellation support is required.
• This is not a terrain shader.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v2023.1)

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