HDRP – Glass Shaders (v2020.2)


The package contains advanced glass materials for Unity. You can easily make realistic render, using these materials. These advanced shaders give you high flexibility to customize and create unique looks. Perfect for your games and architectural projects.

Supported Unity versions

2019.4.x LTS

2020.3.x LTS or higher

The file includes HDRP shaders. 

By default, the package is set up to be compatible for Unity 2019.4.x. If you are using Unity 2020.3.x delete the HDRP folder and unpack the HDRP-Glass Shaders_2020.3.x.unitypackage.

The package comes with a demo scene using 1k and 2k textures in .png format.


Features :

– Advanced customizable parameters

– HDRP support

– Accurate Index of Refraction

– Glass Thickness

– Iridescent effect

– Distortion control, Scale and Blur

– Advanced reflection and refraction

– Advanced control on transparency

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/hdrp-glass-shaders-174760

Download Links:

Asset Version (v2020.2)

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