Seamless Texture Generator (v1.1.1)


Seamless Texture Generator is simple but handy tool to use within Unity Editor. You can stamp edges of the textures to make them look seamless as well as equalizing texture dark and light areas.

⚡ Seamless Texture Generator is simple but handy tool to use within Unity Editor.

If you often fight with making textures seamless by hand or sending them back and forth to your graphic designers, then you can forget about struggling with that.

✍ Seamless Texture Generator will loop your textures so you can tile them and it will be much less noticeable. With a bunch of the parameters in the clean window you can adjust the target result with a quick preview.

🎨 In addition the plugin comes with more tools, one of them is color equalizer / delighter which can mask the brightest or the darkest parts of the texture with another texture.
It can be used to improve albedo for PBR workflow or to improve tiling of the texture.

🌆 There are also tools for converting any images to .png if you don’t like using .tga or .tiff files as well as converting all material’s textures to .png in a single click.

🖌️ The last extra tool is a window for injecting color channels – helpful when working on shaders and packing multiple color maps into a single file

⚙ Package’s Algorithm is supporting image file formats like .jpg .png .exr and .tga

Algorithm is supporting making seamless textures also for normal maps!
Package works on all SRPs! It’s not shader related package.
(You just need to covert standard Demo materials for demo examples)
Built In ✅ LWRP ✅ URP ✅ HDRP ✅ Custom RP ✅


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Asset Version (v1.1.1)

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