Enviro 3 – Additional Weather Pack (v1.0)


This pack includes 20 new weather types for your Enviro scenes. Easily add multiple new high quality rain, snow, hail, mist, sandstorm and lightning storm weather types to your Enviro scenes with one click.

Included weather types:

– 2 Overcast

– 2 Fog/Mist

– 4 Rain

– 3 Snow

– 2 Hail

– 2 Sandstorm

– 3 Lightning

– 2 Nuclearstorm

Technical details

– Twenty weather types for Enviro 3.

– Includes editor script to add weather, effect and audio configuration to your Enviro setup with only one click!

– Includes 11 particle effects for rain, snow, hail, mist and sandstorms.

– Performance friendly with relativ low particle budget by using animated texture sheets.

– Includes some sfx for wind and rain.

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/particles/enviro-3-additional-weather-pack-264132

Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.0)

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