Quests 2 | Game Creator 2 by Catsoft Works (v2.3.8)


Create Quests with intricate subtasks that interwine between them and branch off to different complete different outcomes! Or create simple Tasks that follow a linear path. It’s all up to you!

– Every Quest is a separate asset

– A Quest is made of a tree-like structure of Tasks

– Every Task can contain Subtasks

– Track one or multple Quests at the same time

– Define world positions as Points of Interest

– Automatically display a Minimap with POIs

– Includes a Navigation Compass example

– Display Indicators on top of POIs, even off-screen

– Complete Journal and HUD

Each Quest is fully integrated with Game Creator’s Visual Scripting. Creating rewards after completing a quest, spawning events when activating a Task, among others, is a piece of cake!

Attach the Journal component to any object to allow them to track Quests. You can give missions to not only the player but any other character!

Automatically save all quest’s progress adding the Journal memory onto a Remember component.


  • Source code
  • Examples & Templates

Technical details


  • Quests
  • Tasks
  • Journals
  • Points of Interest
  • Compatible with Visual Scripting
  • Tools for creating custom UI skins


  • Source code
  • UI templates
    • HUD
    • Journal
    • Navigation Compass
    • Minimap or Radar
    • Floating Indicators
  • Multiple examples to learn from
  • Compatible with all Game Creator 2 modules


Download Links:

Asset Version (v2.3.8)

Asset Version (v2.3.7)

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