Amplify Impostors (v0.9.9.3)


Amplify Impostors is a powerful tool to build geometrically simplified, albeit volumetrically accurate, representations of complex models using a modern version of the classic billboard technique.


• NEW Automatic package importer for URP/HDRP shaders

• NEW Start Screen to help with Sample installation

• NEW Support for Unity 2023 and URP/HDRP 16x

• NEW Mac/AppleSilicon baking support

• NEW Faster baking on all platforms

• Added support for Unity 2023 and URP/HDRP 15x

• Improved support for URP/HDRP 10x 12x 14x

• Updated samples across all SRPs

• Added support for Quest/VR


• Raised minimum Unity support to 2019.4 LTS

• Raised minimum URP support to 10x

• Raised minimum HDRP support to 10x


• 1-Click Bake!

• Octahedron and Spherical Impostors

• Billboard Shape Editor

• Smart Blending between views

• Hardware Instancing

• Depth-write for Object Intersections

• Forward and Deferred rendering

• URP and HDRP support (SRP 10+)

• Full Lighting and Shadowing (* Lightmaps Excluded *)

• Dithered LOD Cross-Fade

• LODGroup compatible

• Custom Material Baking


Currently, standard baking is only supported if the shader exposes a Deferred path, such as Unity Standard shaders. However, the Impostors created can be used in both Forward and Deferred modes. Baking objects with custom shaders is supported via Custom Material Baking.

Lightmapping of impostors is not recommended, experimental uses are possible using Amplify Shader Editor; please examine our docs for details Official Wiki.

Oculus Quest, and other Mobile-based VR devices are not officially supported.

HDRP Translucent objects may not bake correctly, known issue in progress.

1-CLICK CREATOR optimize your projects with ease by using next-generation Billboard Impostors.

IMPOSTORS are camera facing quads, or simple polygonal shapes, that replace complex geometry by rendering a fake 3D representation of the original object.

FLEXIBLE impostors can be moved, rotated, scaled, receive and cast shadows, intersect other objects or impostors, and can be used with LODGroup or any third-party LOD system.

MODERN technology making full use of GPU-based instancing. Providing Spherical and Octahedron Impostor techniques, the latter being capable of performing smart transitions between different views.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v0.9.9.3)

Asset Version (v0.9.9.1)

Asset Version (v0.9.9)

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