Mocap – Western Animation Library (5.3)VIP 

A collection of 90 western motion capture animations (Body + Fingers) ready for Unreal Engine (UE5 Skeletons, Loops, RootMotion/InPlace). All animations have been recorded and polished for use in cinematics (NOT intended for state machines), although there are many with loop and rootmotion.


A_WS_ActivateDetonator_M Man activates detonator to explode dynamite.

A_WS_Aim_M_01 Man aims a shotgun.

A_WS_Aim_M_02 Threatening man pointing a gun.

A_WS_Captured_M Tied up man on a horse.

A_WS_Chased_M Man runs because he is chased.

A_WS_CleanBar_M_01 Bartender cleans bar.

A_WS_CleanGlass_M_01 Bartender cleans a glass with a cloth.

A_WS_Dead_M_01 Dead man face down.

A_WS_Dead_M_02 Hanged man.

A_WS_Dead_M_03 Dead man face up.

A_WS_Drink_M_01 Sitting man drinks.

A_WS_Drink_M_02 Man drinks at the bar counter.

A_WS_DrinkTalk_M_01 Sitting man drinks from a bottle while laughing and talking.

A_WS_DrinkTalk_M_02 Sitting man drinks from a bottle while laughing and talking.

A_WS_DrinkTalk_M_03 Man drinks and talks at the bar counter.

A_WS_DrinkTalk_M_04 Man drinks and talks at the bar counter.

A_WS_Duel_M_01 Cowboy’s duel.

A_WS_Duel_M_02 Cowboy’s duel.

A_WS_Fight_M_01 Man argues and is beaten by another man.

A_WS_Fight_M_02 Man argues and hits a man.

A_WS_GetUp_M Man gets up from chair.

A_WS_GiveMoney_M Man gives money bag.

A_WS_GoldDigger_M Gold Digger searches for gold in the river.

A_WS_GrabCellBars_M Prisoner clinging to the cell bars.

A_WS_HandFan_F Woman fans herself.

A_WS_HandsUp_M Man with hands up.

A_WS_HatOff_M Man takes off his hat.

A_WS_HatOn_M Man puts on hat.

A_WS_IDLE_F_01 Woman breaths.

A_WS_IDLE_F_02 Woman leaning on the piano.

A_WS_IDLE_M_01 Man with hand over holster.

A_WS_IDLE_M_02 Man breathes with his hand on his belt.

A_WS_IDLE_M_03 Man standing with a glass in his hand.

A_WS_IDLE_M_04 Man leaning on the bar counter.

A_WS_Kill_M_01 Sitting man playing cards gets up and shoots.

A_WS_Kill_M_02 Man shoots both sides.

A_WS_KnotHorse_M Man knots a horse.

A_WS_Lean_M Man leaning against the wall.

A_WS_LeanOnLadder_F Woman leaning on a ladder.

A_WS_ListenMusic_F Sitting woman at the bar listening music.

A_WS_LyingDown_M Prisoner lying in bed.

A_WS_OnKnees_M Scared man on his knees.

A_WS_OpenDoors_M Man enters in the saloon pushing the doors.

A_WS_OrderDrink_M_01 Man orders a drink.

A_WS_OrderDrink_M_02 Drunk man orders a drink.

A_WS_PlayCards_M Man plays cards.

A_WS_PlayCardsShot_M_01 Sitting man playing cards gets up to shoot but he is shot.

A_WS_PlayCardsShot_M_02 Sitting man plays cards and is shot.

A_WS_Pray_M Man prays kneeling and crosses himself.

A_WS_Preach_M Man preaches.

A_WS_PutMoneyBag_M Man puts money in the bag.

A_WS_ReadReward_M Sitting man reading a rewarding paper.

A_WS_RemovePaper_M Sheriff removes papers from the desk.

A_WS_RideCart_M Man drives horse cart.

A_WS_RunBags_M Thief runs with two bags in hand.

A_WS_RunScare_M Man runs scared by shooting.

A_WS_RunShot_M Man runs and is shot in the back.

A_WS_ScareShots_F Woman crouching scared by the shots.

A_WS_ServeAlcohol_M Bartender serving alcohol.

A_WS_Shoot_M_01 Man shoots a shotgun.

A_WS_Shoot_M_02 Man ready to shoot, unholster the gun and shoot.

A_WS_Shoot_M_03 Man prepared to shoot, unholster two pistols and shoots.

A_WS_Shoot_M_04 Man shoots a gun multiple times.

A_WS_Shoot_M_05 Man unholster and shoots.

A_WS_ShotChest_M Man is shot in the chest and dead.

A_WS_ShotFall_M Man is shot. He falls to the ground and dies.

A_WS_ShotHead_M Man is shot in the head and dies.

A_WS_ShotWalk_M Man is shot while he is walking.

A_WS_Sit_M_01 Sitting man with shotgun on his lap.

A_WS_Sit_M_02 Man sits on a chair.

A_WS_SitAstride_M Man sits astride on a chair.

A_WS_SitGirlTop_M Man sitting on a chair with a girl on top.

A_WS_SitManLap_F Sitting woman on a man’s lap.

A_WS_StopCart_M Man brakes horse carriage.

A_WS_Talk_M_01 Sitting man has a conversation.

A_WS_Talk_M_02 Sitting man has a conversation.

A_WS_Talk_M_03 Bartender talks with customers.

A_WS_ThrowRope_M_01 Man throws lasso.

A_WS_ThrowRope_M_02 Man throws lasso riding a horse.

A_WS_Walk_F_01 Woman walks.

A_WS_Walk_F_02 Saloon girl walks.

A_WS_Walk_M_01 Man walks with shotgun on his shoulder.

A_WS_Walk_M_02 Man walks.

A_WS_Walk_M_03 Man walks and salutes with the hat.

A_WS_Walk_M_04 Drunk man walks.

A_WS_WalkHorse_M Man walks while pulling the reins of his horse to follow him.

A_WS_WalkLamp_F Woman walks with a kerosene lamp.

A_WS_WalkTieHands_M Man walks while being pulled on a rope that is tied to his hands.

A_WS_WalkTray_F Waitress walks with tray.

A_WS_WarnShots_M Man fires warning shots.

Technical Details

Features: 90 motion capture animations western themed. Include body and fingers animations.

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

If rigged to the Epic skeleton, IK bones are included: Yes

Number of Animations: 90

Animation types: Root Motion/In-place

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes


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