Gold Effects (v1.0.1)


Fully customizable gold coins effects. Almost every property is tweakable, you can change the color, gradient, noise textures, and overall shape of these effects. HDRP, URP and LWRP are supported, as well as Standard Renderer of course. Easy drag and drop setup, Demo Scene with customization examples. Chests are animated with standard Unity Animator, so you can easily tweak it as you like. There are four material sets for each chest. Most of the prefabs made with hidden modular parts, this was made for easier customization. All you need is enable or disable some of them. Shaders were made with Amplify Shader Editor, if you have a copy of this asset, you can modify the code using its Node Shader Editor.

BONUS: Aditional Noise Textures and Gradients for better customization. Four portal customization examples using Gradient Generator and four different chest material sets.

– Mobile and VR support
– 35 Complete Prefabs
– Four different chests with animation
– Three gold piles, animated and static
– 23 Gradients and Ramps
– 50+ Textures and Noises
– Custom Gradient Generator
– Deferred and Forward ready
– Easy drag and drop setup
– Modular portals can be easily customized
– HDR Support


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Asset Version (v1.0.1)

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