MIS-AI-CarRider-RCC (v1.1.0)


MIS-AI-CarRider-RCC is a custom add-on for Invector that runs based on Middleware For Invector Template (MIS).

MIS-AI-Carrier-RCC is a MIS-CarRider solution for FSM AI. Use an excellent performance and easy-to-use FSM AI Template to make your own AI CarRider logic. This package offers 38 Actions/Decisions for now.

After exploring the path using NavMesh, it drives using the RCC controller in a realistic way.

In addition, it uses the Target Manager of MIS-Lockon to search for a car with amazing high performance.

Let your AI drive to your position. Let the car drive by itself. Let AI drives, and you immerse yourself in combat. Let the AI drive to the next location. Your ideas become reality in a realistic way.

MIS provides various methods for that. Imagine your game play and make FSM AI to make your own game more active. So that your players don’t get bored.

Key Benefits

 Provides All-In-One Setup (Invector/MIS add-ons)

– Character: Automatic

– Car: Semi-Auto (EVP setup must precede)

✅ FSM AI Character Setup

– Very easy FSM AI character setup

– Uses the same as MIS character setup mechanism

✅ Waypoint Editor

– Simple, easy and believable waypoint editing

– Automatically place waypoint positions on the NavMesh

✅ Supports Edy’s Vehicle Physics

– Car Controller: EVP using AI control

– Camera Controller: MIS VehicleCamera

– Camera View mode switch: Inside, Outside, Orbit

– vControlAI is in active state while riding

– Hands IK on steering wheel

– Drives with left hand and shoots with right hand when the weapon is right hand one

– Foot IK on pedals or whatever

– Gear-Shifting animation

– Looking back animating when reversing

– Forward collision reaction

✅ AI Drive

– Drives through the waypoints: Test, Manual, OneWay

– Drives to the target position: AutoDrive

– Driving path between waypoints is given by NavMesh

– Drives in a realistic way

– When it collides with an obstacle, it finds its way and drives by repeating forward and reverse.

– Drives when all riders are on board

– Provides skip or return the path input

– Provides Pause/Resume Driving input

– Stop Move: The car stops until the StopMove object has gone (Forward direction only)

✅ Drive Modes

  • Test Traversal

– Only for testing purpose

– Useful for the car movement settings without riders

– Moves to the mouse click point

  • Manual Traversal

– W: Moves to the next waypoint (Available when the player is on passenger seat)

– S: Moves to the previous waypoint (Available when the player is on passenger seat)

– Space: Pause

  • OneWay Traversal

– Automatically moves throught all waypoints and stops at the last waypoint

– W: Moves to the next waypoint (Available when the player is on passenger seat)

– S: Moves to the previous waypoint (Available when the player is on passenger seat)

– Space: Pause

  • AutoCall for Player

– The dedicated car drives itself to the player’s offset position

  • AutoDrive for AI

– AI drives to the AI’s target’s offset position

✅ Supports Enter/Exit actions

– Available on any seat using Match Target system

– Natural door movement

– Exit AIs only input

✅ Ragdoll

– When the AI is dead by ragdoll

– When the vehicle is overturned

– When the vehicle collides with the forward obstacle

– When the character/vehicle get hit by explosive weapons

– When exit while moving

✅ Included 6 animation clips for AI characters

– Collision, Reversing

✅ Example FSM Behaviours

– 1.FindEnterExitCar_Action

– 1.FindEnterExitCar_Decision

– 2.Traverse_OneWay

– 3.Traverse_OneWay_Loop

– 4.RidingFriendCar

– 5.AutoDrive_ToFriend

– 6.AutoDrive_EnemyChaseAndShooting

– 7.AutoDrive_EnemyShootingOnChase

– 8.AutoDrive_EnemyFastShootingOnChase

– Demo_MIS-AI-CarRider-EVP_Companion

– Demo_MIS-AI-CarRider-RCC_Enemy

✅ FSM Actions

– mvAIAutoDriveToFriend

– mvAIAutoDriveToTarget

– mvAIChangeMaxVehicleSpeed

– mvAIChangeShootingFrequency

– mvAIChangeTraverseMode

– mvAIClearReservedVehicle

– mvAIClearTargetAIVehicle

– mvAIEnterVehicle

– mvAIExitVehicle

– mvAIFindTargetAIVehicleAction

– mvAIGoToFriendVehicle

– mvAIGoToTargetAIVehicle

– mvAIRestoreMaxVehicleSpeed

– mvAIRestoreShootingFrequency

– mvAIRidingShooterAttack

– mvAIRidingVehicle

– mvAIStartDrive

– mvAIStopAutoDrive

– and more

✅ FSM Decisions

– mvAICheckFriendDistance

– mvAIFindTargetAIVehicleDecision

– mvAIFoundTargetAIVehicle

– mvAIFriendOnBoard

– mvAIHasEntryOnTargetVehicle

– mvAIHasExitRequest

– mvAIHasFriend

– mvAIHasInterrupted

– mvAIHasReservedEntry

– mvAIHasTarget

– mvAIHasVehicleArrived

– mvAIHasVehicleStopped

– mvAIIsAllRidersOnBoard

– mvAIIsAutoDriving

– mvAIIsFriendOnBoard

– mvAIIsFriendOnDriverSeat

– mvAIIsOnBoard

– mvAIIsRagdolled

– mvAIIsVehicleDead

– mvAIReserveVehicleEntry

– mvAIReserveFriendVehicleEntry

– and more

✅ Provides IKAdjusts on AI riding

✅ Provides Demo scenes

– 1.TestMode

– 2.FindEnterExitCar_Action

– 2.FindEnterExitCar_Decision

– 3.Traverses_OneWay

– 4.Traverses_OneWay_Loop

– 5.RidingFriendCar

– 6.AutoDrive_AutoCall

– 7.AutoDrive_ToFriend

– 8.AutoDrive_ChaseAndExitForShooting

– 9.AutoDrive_ShootingOnChase

– 10.AutoDrive_FastShootingOnChase

– 11.StopMove

✅ Does not modify Invector core

✅ All MIS packages runs on a feature-based basis

Quick Setup Sequence

#1 INVECTOR and FSM AI Template

#2 MIS (MIS Refactoring with FSM AI option enabled)

#3 EVP

#4 MIS-LockOn

#5 MIS-CarRider-EVP

#6 NavMeshComponents (Refer to the document)

#7 MIS-AI-CarRider-EVP

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/add-ons/mis-ai-carrider-rcc-207692

Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.1.0)

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