MIS-VehicleWeapons (v1.1.1)


MIS-VehicleWeapons is a custom add-on for Invector that runs based on Middleware For Invector Template (MIS).

Invector Template (Invector) which is one of the best controllers can be upgraded with MIS and MIS Packages. If you are not familar with MIS yet, please watch this MIS v2 Quick Setup Guide.

This package provides a various vehicle weapon and damage systems.

All MIS combat features have been developed based on MIS-LockOn, so they can be used together for better combat.

Key Benefits

✅ Machinegun Launcher

– This weapon is based on a turret. It is used for weapons that have separate horizontal and vertical rotation axes.

– Porvides rotation limit

– Provides normal vShooterWeaponBase gun and grouping gun

– Launch Method: One By One, Pair, All

✅ Rocket Launcher

– This weapon is based on rockets.

– Porvides rotation limit

– Provides unguided missile, homing missile, prediction homing missle

– Launch Method: One By One, Pair, All

✅ Dead Explosion

– It makes it easy to implement vehicles are being exploded by a gun or rocket.

✅ DealPhysicalDamage

– It applies an external force to an object (AI/object) that collided with a moving object such as a car

✅ DealExplosionDamage

– It applies an explosion force to an object (AI/object).

✅ ExternalForceReceiver

– It controls the external force time limit and then return to original state

✅ Provides a Demo scene

✅ Does not modify Invector core

✅ All MIS packages runs on a feature-based basis

Quick Setup Sequence


#2 MIS

#3 MIS-LockOn

#4 MIS-Motorcycle/MIS-CarRider/MIS-Helicopter, etc. which support this package

#5 MIS-VehicleWeapons

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/add-ons/mis-vehicleweapons-228101

Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.1.1)

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