Middle Ages Low Poly Characters (v1.0)


This 16-character collection of low poly models will transport you back to the era of knights, goblins and elves.

The Polyart Middle Age 3D package presents a stunning collection of 16 low poly characters, perfect for adding detail to any game. Featuring two Girl Elfs, two Goblins (Chubby and Tall), four Knights (two standard and two Chubby), two Peasants, four Traders (standard and Chubby) and two Woodcutters, this package has everything you need to bring your game to life.

  • Two fantasy elf girls that fit perfectly in any medieval setting.
  • Two chubby goblins sure to bring some mischievous energy to your scene.
  • Two tall goblins ready for battle or a royal feast.
  • For defending royalty and taking on dragons, we have two fearless knights in shining armor.
  • Two chubby knights that add a unique flavor to your court scenes.
  • Peasants convey the spirit of the medieval kingdom.
  • We also include four traders that look great haggling over prices at markets.
  • No middle age set is complete without woodcutters!

Technical details

– 16 prefabs

– 16 models

– 1 common texture of 1005×1005 

– around 2K – 3K tris per character

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/characters/middle-ages-low-poly-characters-245539

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Asset Version (v1.0)

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