Characters 7 (v1.0)


● Package ●
– Set of unique assets (518);
– Demo scene (50 collected character).

● Where to use ●
– Games. Models optimized for game engines;
– Multiplication;
– Advertising and marketing;
– VR / AR.

● Script ●
– The script allows you to easily assemble characters from mesh by dragging mesh into character slots (such as Body, Headgear, Hairs, Glasses, Eyebrows, Gloves, Clothes, etc.) and then saving the assembled character as a separate prefab
– The script allows you to generate a random character from an active number of categories (Body, Headgear, Hairs, Glasses, Eyebrows, Gloves, Clothes, etc.)
– .txt and .png instruction on using the script which is available in project.

● Features ●
– All groups of assets have the ability to be combined with each other which allows you to create a huge number of unique characters.
– All assets are compatible with all animations
– You can easily change the color of objects – using the UV map;
– Pivot in the logical place of the object;
– Assets has a logical name.

● Geometry ●
– 518 unique assets (prefabs);
– 517k triangles all pack;

● Items (x518) ●
Body (x18);

Headgear (x101);

Hairs (x27);

Glasses (x25);

Eyebrows (x12);

Mustache (x36);

Asset on back (x25);

Gloves (x20);

Clothes top (x161);

Clothes bottom (x59);

Shoes (x34).

● Animations (x23) ●
Models are adapted for use in “Mixamo”.
This allows you to use a huge number of ready-made animations.
In the kit with the characters come animations:
– Idle

– Walk

– Run

– Run boost

– Win

– Jump idle (x3)
– Jump idle start
– Jump idle middle
– Jump idle end

– Jump run (x3)
– Jump run start
– Jump run middle
– Jump run end

– Dance

– Dance start

– Dance start and finish

– Fighting stance

– Attack heavy hand (right)

– Attack hand 2 (right)

– Attack hand 1 (left)

– Death 1 (idle)

– Death 1 (fight)

– Death 2 (fight)

– Damage body

– Damage head

● Scale ●

● Material ●
All models use one materials (color).

● Textures ●
All models use one texture (as a color palette);
Resolution: 1024 px.


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Asset Version (v1.0)

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