Magic Spells FX Pack (v1.0.2)


Magic Spells FX Pack is a package containing 76 game-ready, unique VFX, and 2 Crypt Arena Environments with great performance and optimized for mobile games.


 Top-Down Crypt Arena Environment

 2 Characters

 18 Animations (including the VFX ones)

 A total of 76 Visual Effects (+ 15 more Misc VFX)

 35 Sound Effects (SFX) that work very well with the VFX

 4 Demo Scenes, the ones from the video with Post Processing, another one on a Grid, without Post Processing, plus a scene with the layout of the assets.

 Easy scaleable VFX from Transform Panel

 Mobile UI


• 2 Demo Scenes – Crypt Arena Environment (Post Processing ON)

• 1 Demo Scene – Grid (Post Processing OFF)

• 1 Demo Scene – assets layout

• 20 cast spells VFX

• 13 projectile spells VFX

• 14 impact VFX

• 12 extra spells VFX (Buffs, Debuffs, Heal, Shield, etc).

• 14 Environment VFX

• 15 Misc VFX

• 1 Grid

• 81 Materials

• 48 Environment Meshes

• 81 Textures between 128 and 1024px

• 9 Scripts

• 7 Shaders made with Amplify Shader

• 15 Animations and 6 Animator Controllers

• 8 UI Buttons

• 1 Scale Ref Character Blockout

Everything you see in videos 2 and 3 is included. The characters and the scripts are just for presentation purposes and we don’t offer them support (however, you can use them normally if you find them helpful under the standard Asset Store license. Everything else like Environment and VFX is supported.

Technical details

✓ Scaleable VFX from Transform Panel

 Amplify Shader Editor graph included

 Standard and Unlit optimized shader models

 Environment Lightmaps

✓ Front, Back, and Double-Sided cull modes

✓ Customizable shaders, so you can choose the blend type you want

✓ Grid scene where you can test as many VFX as you need

✓ All Environment Meshes and Props have UV2 for a better Lightmap

✓ Compatible with Universal Render Pipeline


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.0.2)

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