GLAMOR Advanced Image Effects (v1.0)


GLAMOR is an image effects framework for URP that allows for layer selective application of screen space effects and includes a big library of advanced and image enhancing effects.

Technical details

GLAMOR Image Effects framework features

Main features:

– Layer selective application of effects

– Volume selective application and control of effects, with local or global application

– Image effects stack, with possibility to get different results by reordering the effects priority.

– Large collection of effects, to be constantly enhanced and augmented with new effects

Image effects:

– Screen space sun shafts

– Volumetric Fog with Impostor volume lights module

– Screen space rain applied in scene objects using depth and normals information

– Screen rain for camera front rain drips

– Cloud shadows

– Painterly effects, including Kawahara effect

– Eye adaptation auto exposure system

– Sharpen filter

– Blur filter

– Vhs and old movie emulation effects

– Sketch effect and general screen space texture stable application

– Bloomy Haze effect

– Color adjustments

– Bloom filter

– Pixelation filter

– Ascii effect

– Lens Flare Effect

– Pencil effect (Added in v1.1)

– Watercolor effect (Added in v1.2)

– Lens Light Streaks (Added in v1.2)

– Advanced Lens Effects – Streaks, Bloom & Lens Dirt (Added in v1.3)

Extra effects coming soon:

– Adaptive Sharpen

– Analog Glitch

– Contour

– Cartoonify

– Edge detection

– Oil painting


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.0)

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