Easy Collider Editor (v6.12.2)


Create colliders for all your assets quickly and easily with vertex selection, generate convex mesh colliders with VHACD, and auto generate colliders for skinned meshes.

Easy Collider Editor lets you quickly create colliders that fit any object. Just select points and vertices on a mesh, and click a button or press a shortcut key. It’s that easy! Create boxes, spheres, capsules, cylinders, rotated boxes, rotated capsules, and convex mesh colliders quickly and easily.

Technical details

  • Create, Remove, and Edit Box, Capsule, Sphere, Rotated Box/Capsule, Cylinder, and Convex Mesh colliders with easy to use vertex selection tools.
  • Automatically generate convex mesh colliders using VHACD.
  • Automatically generate colliders for skinned meshes with optional per-bone settings and collider overlap prevention.
  • Works with all versions of unity 2019.4+, for earlier versions please contact me!

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/level-design/easy-collider-editor-67880

Download Links:

Asset Version (v6.12.2)

Asset Version (v6.12.1)

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