Aurora FPS Engine (v2.5.5)


Aurora FPS Engine includes a wide range of ready-made resources, including weapons, characters, enemies, and levels that can be easily customized and used in your game. We also provide a rich library of scripts and components that can be used to create custom functions and behaviors.

✔️ NO DLL’s: All code are written in C# and open for modifications.

For a list of features, see Technical Details

⭐ Source Code included!

⭐ Full cross-platform compatibility!

⭐ Detailed and easy to use Manual!

✨ Included Behaviour Tree AI System!

✨ Included FSM AI System!

✨ Included new Unity Input System!

✨ Included Game Settings system!

✨ Included Advanced Menu template!

✨ Included Key Binding system!

✨ Included Moblie Sample!

✨ Included Emerald AI 3.0 Support!

✨ Weapons and animation created by BSP.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v2.5.5)

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