The Lost Temple (v1.0.7)


This is a high-quality and low-polygon 3D asset package provided by UModeler, Inc. All of the assets in the pack have been modeled with UModeler in Unity so they can be tweaked with UModeler very quickly without leaving Unity.

If you don’t have UModeler yet, don’t worry. All assets are readily available for your contents as if you use general 3D meshes.

◼ Key Features ◼

  • 56 types of Low-poly 3D Models.
  • 56 Asset cards which contain information of each asset.
  • Full Demo Scene
  • All assets are provided with .FBX and .Prefab files.
  • Separate Unity packages for UModeler users.
  • With UModeler asset you can tweak the meshes immediately in Unity.

◼ Compatibility ◼

  • Works in Unity 2020.3.x and higher.
  • Supports BuiltInRP, URP and HDRP

◼ Outline of .unitypackage files 

  • LostTemple-BuiltInRP : BuiltInRP, and Prefabs with no UModeler.
  • LostTemple-BuiltInRP-UModeler : BuiltInRP, and Prefabs with UModeler
  • LostTemple-HDRP : HDRP, and Prefabs with no UModeler
  • LostTemple-HDRP-UModeler : HDRP, and Prefabs with UModeler
  • LostTemple-URP : URP, and Prefabs with no UModeler
  • LostTemple-URP-UModeler: URP, and Prefabs with UModeler
  • LostTemple-BuiltInRP is a default package and other five .unitypackage files are in UnityPackages folder.


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Asset Version (v1.0.7)

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