Vintage Racing Cars Pack (v1.0)


9 high detailed gorgeous racing cars inspired by famous racing cars from the 60’s. Each car is composed of: – A high detailed body with interior, a separate steering wheel, a pilot and 4 wheels (if needed, front and rear wheels are different in dimensions). – 6 materials – chrome, details, glass and body paint for the car body + chrome and tire for the wheels. – 2 high resolution textures – One for the Body and interior, the other one for the wheels. All the car body textures come with 2 variations of colors and livery. Original PSD with construction layers for making your custom livery is delivered with all cars. It includes for help, a UVs template layer, a material ID layer mask and a baked ambient occlusion. Source FBX are delivered with this pack. Do not miss this professional quality asset at a friendly price !


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Asset Version (v1.0)

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