Unique & Unusual Gemstones v1.0 (PNG)


Introducing our premium collection of over 100 unique and unusual gemstone icons, meticulously designed for game developers seeking to add an exclusive touch to their projects. Each icon is a testament to the true beauty of gemstones, representing an array of designs that span across various aesthetics, themes, and genres.

Dive into this exceptional collection, each gemstone boasting its individuality through captivating colors, meticulous cuts, and diverse forms. These gemstone icons reflect an array of gorgeous shades and textures, from the fiery glow of rubies to the cool allure of sapphires, from the radiant sparkle of diamonds to the deep, mysterious allure of obsidian.

Our icons are not just aesthetically appealing; they also deliver on versatility. Compatible with multiple platforms, they can effortlessly adapt to a plethora of gaming environments. 

Whether you’re working on an RPG full of mystical treasures, a puzzle game with shiny rewards, or a strategy game where gemstones symbolize power, our collection caters to your every requirement.

Push the boundaries of creativity by incorporating these icons into your project and letting them amplify the visual richness and interactive experience of your game. Each gemstone icon has been designed with precision, ensuring high-quality graphics that remain stunning across all screen resolutions.

Crafted with love by fellow game developers, our collection also boasts a commitment to authenticity. We’ve meticulously researched each gemstone to ensure their designs accurately capture their real-world counterparts’ beauty and uniqueness.

Indulge in the charm of these glittering, unusual gemstone icons and bring a new level of intrigue and charm to your gaming project. Your quest for the perfect game element ends here – with our remarkable gemstone icon collection.

Technical Information:

Image sizes: 2048px by 2048px

112 Individual PNG’s with transparent backgrounds

Technical details

File count: 112

Animated: No

Additional: pixel based

-This asset pack has been developed with the assistance of generative AI software, Photoshop & Lightroom

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Asset Version v1.0 (PNG)

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