Dry Animal Bones – Photoscan Vol 2 (4.19+)


This asset pack includes 12 photoscanned animal bones. These are entire whole meshes that can be placed in any position. They are optimized for in-game use, but they can also be tessellated for cinematic hero-quality meshes.

All scans are done at 8k, and downscaled to 4k for maximum quality. Where suitable, textures are channel packed with AO and roughness for each model.

Five bonus photoscanned textures are also included:

  1. Dirt 01
  2. Dirt Rocky 01
  3. Dirt Rocky 02
  4. Gravel 01
  5. Gravel 02

These textures are taken from the same environment the bones were found in and include channel packed AO, roughness and displacement at 4k.

Technical Details

A master material is included with pixel-depth offset and tessellation options. There are also controls for the roughness, tinting, multiplying AO into the albedo etc.

A procedural foliage generator as well as a VERY basic landscape + demo map are included.

This set is part of a continuing series. Check back for more!


  • 12 unique photoscanned models
  • 4k textures for all models
  • Custom made detail map
  • Displacement Master Material w/ Pixel depth offset for terrain blending
  • 5 photoscanned textures @ 4k
  • Channel packed and optimized textures and UV’s
  • Auto generated LOD’s

Number of Unique Meshes: 12

Collision: Yes, generated

Vertex Count: 10k to 12 (most meshes are 1-2k triangles)

LODs: Yes, Generated

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 1 Master Material, 11 Instances

Number of Textures: 57

Texture Resolutions: 4096×4096

Supported Development Platforms: Tested on Windows, but suitable for most platforms

Important/Additional Notes: This set is part of a continuing series. Check back for more!

Original_Link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/dry-animal-bones-photoscan-vol

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Asset Version (4.19+)

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