The Beautiful Portal/Level up/Teleport/Warp VFX (v1.0)


Hi! Here you will find a beautiful variety of Portal/Level up/Teleport/Warp VFX for your game!
I promise 😀

I made:
– 7 different styles of Portal VFX!
– Each Portal have a Light and Heavy version.
– And each version have a ‘no loop’ and an ‘infinite’ Prefab 😀
– So that’s 28 Total Prefabs.
– The VFX are made completely with Unity’s Particle System and basic Unity shaders. No custom ones.


Additional information for you:
I made this Asset in Standard Render Pipeline. So the VFX works like de video promo.
But ALSO, I added a folder called “URP unitypackage”. This is the same project, with the same VFX’s but made in URP (Universal Render Pipeline).
So if you’re working in that render pipeline, you can import this .unitypackage file and just drag and drop the effect to your scene 🙂

And don’t forget, ¡ANYTHING! you need, just contact me 🙂


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.0)

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