Events 2.0 for Unity (v1.7.2)


EVENTS 2.0 FOR UNITY is a powerfull tool created as an alternative for regular Unity Event.

If you’re used to the Unity Event interface on Inspector, don’t worry… It’s just the same… With some lovely upgrades 😉

Main features:

  • Multiple arguments
  • Reorder events
  • Arguments of type EnumVector2Vector3Vector4QuaternionColorLayerMaskLayer, List<> and Array (Check documentation on how to use)
  • Dynamic arguments with the possibility of informing additional static arguments
  • No DLLs… Full source available

UI 2.0

Made a 2.0 UI component for every Unity’s UI component.

That’s right, a button, slider, toggle, even scroll view, received an upgraded version with events that receives multiple arguments.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.7.2)

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