Sword Animation Pack (4.26+)


This package includes essential animations for a character with fighter combat style . Recommended for an action RPG game.

Animation list :
Idle 4
โ€“ Idle [normal & combat] Attack 60
โ€“ 1 Parry counter attacks
โ€“ 2 Run attacks
โ€“ 1 Dash Air attacks
โ€“ 7 Attacks combo
โ€“ 6 Attack combo air
โ€“ 1 Power Attack
โ€“ 3 Execution

Walk 182
โ€“ Walk normal 8 ways
โ€“ Walk combat 8 ways
โ€“ Walk block 8 ways
โ€“ Walk Equip

Run 156
โ€“ Run normal 8 ways
โ€“ Run combat 8 ways
โ€“ 24 Run speed
โ€“ Run Equip

Jump 32
โ€“ Jump 4 ways

Dodge 41
โ€“ Dodge 8 ways
โ€“ Dodge to Run 8 ways

Roll 34
โ€“ Roll 8 ways
โ€“ Roll to Run 8 ways

Hit 49
โ€“ Hit
โ€“ Hit combat
โ€“ Hit air
โ€“ Hit combat air
โ€“ Hit large
โ€“ Hit large combat
โ€“ Hit air large to floor
โ€“ Hit combat air large to floor
โ€“ Getup
โ€“ Knock down
โ€“ Knock down combat
โ€“ Block

Turn 12 [combat] โ€“ Turn 90o L&R
โ€“ Turn 180o L&R
โ€“ Turn combat 90o L&R
โ€“ Turn combat 180o L&R
โ€“ Turn Block 90o L&R
โ€“ Turn Block 180o L&R

Technical Details
Rigged to Epic skeleton: (Yes)
IK bones are included: (Yes)
Number of Animations: 573
Animation types: Root Motion, In-place
Number of Characters: 1

Original_Link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/sword-animation-pack-01

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Asset Version (4.26+)

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