(STP) Survival Template PRO (v1.4)


Survival Template PRO is a versatile toolkit designed for modularity and scalability, offering numerous advanced features typical of modern survival games for an immersive development experience.

Technical details


  • Clean and optimzed code and file structure
  • Surface system: based on physic materials and components
  • Object pooling: simple API and optimized
  • Save system: robust and easy-to-use
  • Simple volume/post-processing animator
  • Tween system: used for simple animations
  • Options: audio, gameplay, graphics, input


  • One-click render pipeline converter
  • Tools window to speed up workflow
  • Clean and useful object inspectors
  • Quick play mode support (disable reload domain)


  • Resource gathering
  • Respawnable consumables
  • Workstations: Storage, Repair, Cook, Craft
  • Carriable system: easily create your own carriables with custom actions


  • Modular character with components and behaviors
  • State based character movement
  • Health, Stamina, Hunger, and Thirst systems
  • Damage and death systems
  • Interaction system
  • Modular procedural motion system using springs, used by wieldables and camera)


  • Camera look handler
  • Field of view animator
  • Procedural motion (shakes, forces, bob etc.)


  • Time manager (manages in-game time, integrates with other systems like campfires and respawning)
  • Day-night cycle component (easily swapped with other solutions)
  • Sleeping system (progresses time)


  • Generic inventory system (usable on any entity or object)
  • Easy item creation and configuration (set icon, pickup, weight, etc.)
  • Composed of containers and slots
  • Auto-move, drag, and split items
  • Tags and properties
  • Weight system

Building System

  • Free and socket-based building
  • Building materials

Wieldable System

  • Wieldable shader: avoids dual camera setup and clipping
  • Attachments system
  • Modular crosshair system
  • Durability and weight systems
  • Firearms: Made with modular components (sight, trigger, magazine etc.)
  • Firearms: Multiple projectile types (hitscan, parabolic, physics-based)
  • Melee: Fully customizable attacks and combos
  • Melee: Ability to aim

Event-Based UI

  • Modular character UI system
  • Inventory (slots, inspection, custom actions)
  • Survival book (craft and place buildable previews)
  • Character preview
  • Pause menu
  • Settings menu
  • Health, stats, and damage indicators
  • Ammo, crosshairs, hit marker, low ammo indicator, etc.
  • Sleep, building, and more…


  • 4 demo maps
  • 12 first person animated wieldables
  • High quality art assets, models, icons and sounds


  • Input System
  • Editor Coroutines


  • Emerald AI 3.0
  • FSM AI Template

Original_Link: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/stp-survival-template-pro-207954

Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.4)




Asset Version (v1.3.0.1)

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