Crater Field – Stamp Pack (v1.0)


This stamp pack is a collection of 10 high-quality heightmap images. It features a mix of varying crater patterns that encourage you to go exploring.

High-quality stamps to shape your terrain!

Every great environment scene starts with an empty flat plane.

This stamp pack contains 10 stamps which help you to fill this void with a mix crater patterns to create outlandish landscapes that encourage you to go exploring.

These stamps can be used directly with the Unity terrain inspector and are also compatible with Gaia, or any tool with leverages the concept of heightmap based stamp images.

These stamps can be applied 1:1 to a single terrain or mixed and matched with other stamps to form more complex landscapes.

The ‘In-scene” preview of these stamps in the attached screenshots were created using Gaia. The skies, water, post fx and textures are all features of Gaia and are not included.


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Asset Version (v1.0)

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