Skinned Mesh Combiner MT – Character Mesh Merge, Atlasing Support & More (v3.4.12)


Skinned Mesh Combiner allows you to combine your characters’ Skinned Meshes in a very simple and intuitive way. Merging can be done in the Editor or in Runtime. Also, the merge will not affect your character, your animations and other things will remain intact even after the merge.

The SMC can convert Non-Skinned meshes to Skinned and then merge them together, normally, with the character. With SMC you can also undo an already made merge, make your changes and then merge again!

Some Features of This Tool

● Can be used in Editor and Runtime. You can also undo merges made in both.

● It has a completely non-destructive workflow.

● Fully compatible with HDRP, URP and the Built-in RP!

● It can generate combined meshes with 64,000 vertices or more.

● Supports Tiled Textures and negative UV values.

● Compatible with Blendshapes, will continue to work after merge.

● It can reduce the Batches of your scene by up to 97%.

● By merging the meshes, can generate an Atlas texture for best results.

● Can combine the character’s meshes even while he is animated by the Animator.

● It supports the legacy animation system as well.

● The animations and other things remain intact even after merge.

● Supports all types of Materials, Shaders, UVs and Meshes.

● Supports multi-material meshes (meshes that use more than 1 material).

● The files generated by the merge can be saved in your project.

● Supports Prefab creation.

● You can still add or modify things in your character’s bones (such as swords, weapons, and other objects) even after the merge.

● The material used by the mesh resulting from the merge is defined by you.

● Easily select which meshes you want to combine. You don’t need to modify your scene!

● Great documentation.

● You can manage meshes that have already been combined.

● It has a very complete and documented C# API for mesh merging in Runtime.

● Merge your character’s accessories too! Convert Non-Skinned meshes (Mesh Filter + Mesh Renderers) to Skinned Meshes and then combine everything! This is very useful for characters who use accessories made of static mesh (such as swords, hats, glasses, etc.).

● Can convert combined mesh to static mesh. You can also undo this whenever you want. This can be very useful in some situations for optimization purposes.

● And more…


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