Simple Toon Water (LWRP / URP) v1.3


Supports only LWRP / URP (lwrp version 6.9.1 or newer)
Do not support default rendering pipeline

Pack of simple shaders (with graphs) for fast and mobile-friendly toon/stylized water rendering. All materials are built on top of PBR master node so it means that they support multiple point lights and other light features.

+ 100% shader graph
+ LWRP/URP only
+ Multiple light support

In the package you get
-3 premade water materials (see screenshots)

-Couple basic noise, normals textures

-Water shader graph with procedurally generated waves texture using Voronoi Noise, when combined with procedurally generated normals function you don’t have to use any textures and get a good looking result!

-Water shader graph for use with custom textures. You can use your own foam, normals and waves texture.

– Sub Graphs – because the structure of water shaders is modular I’m attaching sub graphs to help you with creating your own water shader, the package includes:
          – Foam Sub Graph – function to help you
            create foam for your water with just
            one function.
          – UV’s Sub Graph – function to help you
            quickly switch between UV
            coordinates  based on input UV’s
            or calculated on the fly world position
            based UV’s.
          – Calculate Normals Sub Graph –
            graph used for calculating normals for
            water based on procedurally
            generated noise or by grabbing
            normals from supplied normal texture
            and combining it with normal
            calculated from current wave height.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.3)

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