Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit base AUGMENTED (v2.7)


This Package is the Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit base AUGMENTED, and it is about massive loads that are distributed across strong support pillars, providing a secure foundation for the bunker or the center of operations… This is Publisher’ vision of the Asset. For actual facts check with screenshots.

Materials – x17 (x32 Variants), x18 Displays, x1 Sky
Metalness – Workflow
Linear – Color space
Deferred – Rendering path (for SSR)
Built-in – render Pipeline (for SSR)
Lightmaps – not custom
Shader Render Pipeline compatibility – no custom shaders present
Script compatibility – recommended 2019.4+
Post Processing & SSR – by Unity Technologies

The AUGMENTED Exclusive – buff your “base”
🎮 C# Interactives:
Consoles are in-game objects, that Player can interact with.
➥ “the Power console” allows for choosing if the door/gate is either operating properly or inactive
➥ “the Mode console” allows for choosing if the door/gate is either Active or Blocked 🎮
➥ Moddable Texturing – comes with ID & Curvature & Height Maps
➥ Levels of Detail (LoDs), which provides further optimization. They are prefabs with custom collisions
➥ 123 additional Prefabs, including:
x8 AUGMENTED Exclusive Pipelines
x5 AUGMENTED Exclusive Hexa & Penta Rooms
x1 AUGMENTED Exclusive Zzz Point Light
x15 Floor Fills | x15 Equipment | x14 Top-Down
x12 Floors | x11 Arches | x11 Channels
x11 Stairs | x8 Doors | x7 Displays
x2 Top-Bottom, | x1 Ladder | x1 Partitions 2 | x1 Walls

This is a Sci-Fi Environment. It is a Modular Kit.
You can Expand it. And you can Buff it.
➥ Expanding will get you:
an environment of another purpose – like colony in addition to hangars.
Interior sizes:
dugout “S”, colony “M”, base “X”, hangars “XL”
➥ Buffing will get you:
more power over this particular Kit – ID maps to Mod texturing, more Prefabs, etc.
Coming with AUGMENTED version. and more…


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Asset Version (v2.7)

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