SECTR COMPLETE 2019 (v2019.0.6)


SECTR COMPLETE 2019 is a powerful toolkit for building and streaming structured spaces in Unity. If you want to stream an open world, bring a huge game to mobile, or take advantage of the latest techniques in audio occlusion and propagation, then SECTR COMPLETE has something for you.

Major Features:

– Seamless Scene Streaming

– Floating point solution for extra large world support

– Immersive Spatial Audio

– Dynamic Occlusion Culling

– Works in indoor and open-world scenes.

– Complete PlayMaker support.

– Constantly profiled and hand optimized.

– Demo content.

– Supports Unity 2018.3 LTS and above across all render pipelines.

All SECTR modules include complete source code, and online support, and are fully compatible with Unity Free, Unity Plus & Pro, and Unity Version Control.


Download Links:

Asset Version (v2019.0.6)

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