Runtime Vertex Color Paint & Detection Plugin (5.0, 5.1, 5.2)


A Plugin that allows the user to Paint, Remove & Detect Vertex Colors in Runtime in various ways, which can enable audio-visual fidelity, as well as new game mode and gameplay possibilities. Making it very useful for both Artists and Designers!

Technical Details
Detect Get Closest Vertex Data
Detect Get Estimated Color at Actual Hit Location
Detect Get All Vertex Colors Only
Paint Vertex Colors at Location
Paint Vertex Colors Within Area
Paint Vertex Color on Entire Mesh by either Adding/Removing Color to existing colors, Setting it to a specified Color, or doing either of them but on Random Vertices over the Entire Mesh, which is great for Rain or Snow etc.
Create and Paint Color Snippets
Affect Chaos Cloth Physics (UE5 EXCLUSIVE)
Multithreading for greatly improved performance
Number of Blueprints: 2
Number of Widget Blueprints: 3
Number of C++ Classes: 21
Network Replicated: The plugin does extremely little with replication, so the user has more control of How they want things to Replicate, since each project may have different needs depending on optimization, anti cheat structure etc.
The Cloth Overlap Component has an clothOverlapEnabled Replicated bool, so if changed in Runtime, even hot joiners will get the cloth to overlap.
Supported Development Platforms: Windows (Linux & MacOS untested)
Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, PS4, XboxOne (Only Win64 Tested)


Download Links:

Asset Version v1.15.1 (5.2)

Asset Version v1.10.2 (5.1)

Asset Version v1.05 (5.0)

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