Retro 2D Characters (v1.10)


Retro 2D Characters – Top-down character sprites with 23 animations and tons of variation!

1.10: New and additional skin tones! 8 vs the original 4.

Retro 2D Characters features male and female pixel art characters with variations in outline style, outfit, hairstyle, eye color and skin tone. These characters are inspired by classic, 16-bit era RPGs/JRPGs. They feature 23 total animations, from walking to jumping, nodding, sword swinging, taking damage, carrying (oversized vegetables?) and more!

* Male and Female base characters
* 512×512 sprite sheets and source .PSD’s included!
* Black and colored outline styles
* 8 skin tone variations
* 8 eye color variations
* 7 outfits
* 12 hairstyles, 8 color variations per style and 1 helmet
* Use color picker to make custom hairstyle hues!
* 6 sample weapons, for battle animations
* 23 total animations, including:
Stand, walk, stand carrying, walk carrying, run, jump, fall, nod, shake head, blink, lying, wave, sit, sit blink, ready stance, damage, hurt/crouch, swing attack, shoot attack, spell chant, shock, sad and happy.
* Organized folder structure with each element and its variations in .PNG files. Overlay outfits, hairs, etc. directly in your game!


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.10)

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