Plugin for ChatGPT / DALL-E (OpenAI) v1.0.18


Integrate OpenAI seamlessly into Unity with our Asset. Go codeless or customize quickly with a few lines of code and access powerful OpenAI features without leaving Unity. Try it today!

Transform your Unity project into an intelligent, language-aware application with OpenAI Unity Integration. With just a few lines of code, you can integrate OpenAI’s powerful ChatGPT text completion and DALL·E image generation directly into your Unity project!

🤖 Features

  • GPT 4 Support
  • DALL-E Image Generation
  • OpenAI Api Scripting Interface
  • Experimental Component Generation

🎮 Use Out-of-the-Box Components

  • OpenAiApiExample – simple API request wrapper
  • OpenAiReplaceImage – Replace sprites, meshes, and UI Images with AI-generated images
  • OpenAiReplaceText – replacing text objects with AI-generated text
  • OpenAiComponent – Generate and edit components using just text prompts

✏️ Get Scripting

Strong scripting interface for easily implementating your own components and integrating into any project.

using OpenAi;

var openai = new OpenAiApi();

var completion = await openai.CreateCompletion(“Hello world”); // Text Completion

var image = await openai.CreateImage(“Hello cat”); // Image Generation

🚀 Endorsements

A reputable reviewer had this to say about asset:

“Overall, the code seems to be well-organized and follows good coding practices such as encapsulation and modularization.”

– ChatGPT

Third Party Notices:

Asset uses these assets under the mentioned License.

  • Readme under MIT
  • Readme Settings under MIT
  • MyBox under MIT
  • TP under MIT
  • uCodeEditor under MIT
  • UnityCodeEditor under MIT
  • PdfSharp under MIT
  • HTMLRenderer under BSD 3-Clause New or Revised License
  • HTMLAgilityPack under MIT
  • Anton-Regular.ttf under SIL Open Font License (OFL)
  • ComicNeue-Regular.ttf under SIL Open Font License (OFL)
  • Corben-Regular.ttf under SIL Open Font License (OFL)
  • DidactGothic-Regular.ttf under SIL Open Font License (OFL)
  • Gruppo-Regular.ttf under SIL Open Font License (OFL)
  • NixieOne-Regular.ttf under SIL Open Font License (OFL)
  • RobotoMono-Regular.ttf under Apache 2.0

Technical details

The OpenAI Unity Asset includes three components for integrating OpenAI APIs into Unity games:

  • OpenAiApiExample for both text completion and image generation
  • OpenAiImageReplace for replacing sprites with AI-generated images
  • OpenAiTextReplace for replacing text objects with AI-generated text.

The Asset leverages the OpenAiApi library and requires only a few lines of code to get started. With this intuitive API, you can access powerful OpenAI features without ever leaving Unity, making it faster and easier than ever to incorporate OpenAI APIs into your Unity game.


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Asset Version (v1.0.18)

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