Persistent Galaxy Generator with Solar Systems and Planets (v3.0)


Galaxy Generator that you can use as a starter kit for any kinds of 3X, 4X or whatever you want !

With this Galaxy Generator you have immediately access to :

– A entire galaxy generated procedurally

– 3 types of galaxies : Circle, Spirale and Irregular

– Many options like the galaxy size, maximum number of stars, numbers of arms for the spirale galaxy, number of planets in each solar system… and other !

– Each Star in the Galaxy is a Solar System

– Each Solar System is generated procedurally and can contains X Planets

– Each Planets is generated procedurally

– You can easily export and load the galaxy from a JSON file.

– You can customize planets generated like the type of planet (Gas, or what you want) or the rarity of a Planet in the Galaxy.

– You can navigate IN and OUT a Solar System

– You have a customizable RTS Camera script with which you can move or zoom

– You have a names generator for generate Solar Systems names or Planets names

– You have 2 Nebulas shaders

You can use this generator as a starter kit for any kinds of 3X, 4X or whatever you want !


Download Links:

Asset Version (v3.0)

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