Perfect F – Zoom and Pivot around GameObjects Easily (v1.6)


Have you ever wanted to zoom to an GameObject only to have your trusty old F key send you millions of miles away from it? Next thing you know you’re hitting Shift+W and eating a whole bag of chips before you finally get in front of the GameObject. That’s not good for your production time (or your health!)

No more!

Perfect F will get you there, fast!

Save hours of time normally wasted just trying to get to your game objects in the way you really want to!

Not only that, but it has several extra features you’re sure to love.


– Press F repeatedly for multiple levels of zoom!

– Use On Screen controls to zoom in and out, rotate left and right, or tilt up and down around your selected object(s). – Hold Shift or Ctrl to rotate around the GameObject!

– When it’s an objected on a Worldspace Canvas, it will tilt the angle perfectly so that the Canvas is straight aligned with your view!

– When selecting a Camera it will align the view to the exact vantage of that camera.

– When selecting a terrain it will default above the terrain at a slight angle..

– Fully configurable!


Download Links:

Asset Version (v1.6)

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