[MFPS] Daily Reward Addons (v1.1.0)


This addon integrates a reward system so players can get gifts after a certain defined time; this is used primarily in mobile games to incentivize players to come back to the game daily to claim the rewards.

The usage is pretty simple, the player clicks on the UI to claim the reward > after the reward is claimed, it shows a countdown to the next reward availability > when this countdown finishes, the player will be able to claim the reward again, despite the name of the addon, you can’t only set up daily rewards, you can set any interval of time you want.

The system is simple yet powerful and secure to prevent common exploits with these types of procedures like device local time manipulation to skip the countdown or code injection, this system uses an external service to obtain the current time, and it’s come with support for the Anti-Cheat Toolkit.

The integration is a few-click process and comes with pre-setup rewards like daily coin rewards and hourly XP; it’s easy to use and easily integrates custom rewards.

Original_Link: https://www.lovattostudio.com/en/shop/addons/daily-reward/

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Asset Version (v1.1.0)

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