Megalodon (Carcharocles megalodon) v1.3


Animated 3D model for games, applications and educational presentations, etc.
Package does not contain scripts and animation controllers, except simple animator controller for demoscene.

Technical details
umber of textures: 6
Texture sizes: 4096×4096
Polygon count of Megalodon:
LOD0 10392tris 6790verts
LOD1 5008tris 3803verts
LOD2 2496tris 2043verts
LOD3 986tris 880verts
Separate FBX’s LOD models included
High Resolution model 44538tris 25247verts
Number of meshes/prefabs:
6 meshes / 18 prefabs
Rigging: Yes
Animation count: 28 Animations with Rootmotion/InPlace
Additive_Bite, HitLeft, HitRight, Off, Off1,
Swim, Swim_InPlace, SwimBite,
SwimBite_InPlace, SwimFast,
SwimFast_InPlace, SwimFastBite,
SwimFastBite_InPlace, SwimLeft,
SwimLeft_360, SwimLeft_InPlace,
SwimLeftFast, SwimLeftFast_360,
SwimLeftFast_InPlace, SwimRight,
SwimRight_360, SwimRight_InPlace,
SwimRightFast, SwimRightFast_360,
SwimRightFast_InPlace, TearOff, TearOffBite, TearOffBite_InPlace
UV mapping: Yes
Types of materials and texture maps:
PBR, 3 Albedo PNG, AO PNG, Metallic(smoothness) TGA, Normal PNG


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Asset Version (v1.3)

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