Dog – Pug (v1.0)


This asset has realistic PUG model.
The model has 51 bones and 4 LODs:
– 10300 tris;
– 7000 tris;
– 4500 tris;
– 2000 tris.
The mobile version has 2000 triangles and a texture size of 512×512.
The main PBR textures are 2048×2048.

74 animations (IP/RM):
Attack 1-4, attack run, attack trot, hit front, hit back, hit middle, death 1-2, idle 1-5, digging, pissing, eat 1-2, drink, lie 1-2, sleep, fall (edge, high, low, land), crouch (f-b-l-r), walk (f-b-l-r), trot (f-b-l-r), run (f-b-l-r), swim (f-b-l-r), turn (l-r, 180, 90), jump_up, jump run, jump trot, jump place, sitting, etc.


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Asset Version (v1.0)

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