GSpawn – Level Designer (v3.2.81)


What is GSpawn – Level Designer?
GSpawn – Level Designer is a cutting-edge software product seamlessly integrated with the Unity Editor which allows you to bring your environments to life with an extensive array of features and a user-friendly interface.

Main Features:
• 3D Tile Rules (with Ramp & Platform support)
• Decoration Rules (extract decoration info from demo scenes for quick prop/decor placement)
• Curve Spawn (spawn objects along curves, create fences, forests and the like, edit, move, rotate, duplicate, insert control points, multiple lanes, padding, randomization, jittering)
• Modular Snapping (snap modular prefabs to grid, grid snap climb, move objects up & down, snap grid to object under cursor, multistory environments, object-to-object snap)
• Modular Walls (with or without Inner & Outer Corner detection, pillar support)
• Physics Spawn (realtime or instant, drop height, drop radius, rotation randomization)
• Props Spawn (axis alignment, embed in surface, offset from surface, drag spawn, prefab randomization, scale & rotation randomization)
• Rotate Objects with Mouse & Keyboard
• Scale Objects with Mouse
• Prefab Replacement (quickly swap prefab instances in the scene)
• Object Groups (scene organization)
• Prefab Management (organize your prefabs in libraries, copy/move prefabs between libraries, create library profiles, search by name, filters)
• Scatter Brush (rotation & scale randomization, control volume radius, axis alignment, slope check, spawn chance)
• Tile Tools (Segments & Box Spawn – integer patterns for creating interesting tile patterns, fill modes, height modes, prefab randomization, project objects on terrains, overlap detection)
• Mirroring/Symmetry (supports mirroring along a maximum of 3 mirror planes at once)
• Selection Tools (Rectangle, Selection Segments & Selection Box)
• Transform Gizmos (move, rotate, scale, universal)
• Extrude Gizmo
• Erase Tools (erase cursor, 2D & 3D erase brushes, erase masks)
• Configurable Shortcuts
• … and MUCH more!


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