GPU Instancer (v1.7.7)


GPU Instancer is an out of the box solution to display extreme numbers of objects on screen with high performance. With a few mouse clicks, you can instance your prefabs, Unity Terrain details and trees.

โ€“ Out of the box solution for complex GPU Instancing.
โ€“ VR compatible. Works with both single pass instanced and multi pass rendering modes.
โ€“ Mobile compatible. Works with both iOS and Android.
โ€“ Easy to use interface.
โ€“ Tens of thousands of objects rendered lightning fast in a single draw call.
โ€“ GPU frustum culling.
โ€“ GPU occlusion culling (also supports VR platforms with both single pass and multi pass rendering modes).
โ€“ Automatically configured custom shader support.
โ€“ Supports Standard, Universal and HD Render Pipelines.
โ€“ Complex hierarchies of prefabs instanced with a single click.
โ€“ Multiple sub-meshes support.
โ€“ LOD Groups and cross-fading support.
โ€“ Automatic 2D Billboard generation system (Standard RP and URP/HDRP 10.X and later).
โ€“ Shadows casting and receiving support for instances (frustum culled instances still can cast shadows).
โ€“ Ability to use custom shadow distance per prototype and to choose the LOD to render shadows with.
โ€“ Support for Floating Origin handling.
โ€“ Multiple camera support.
โ€“ Well documented API for procedural scenes and runtime modifications (examples included).
โ€“ Ability to Remove instances inside bounds or colliders at runtime.
โ€“ Ability to extend with custom Compute Shaders.
โ€“ Example scenes that showcase GPU Instancer capabilities.

Prefab Instancing Features:
โ€“ Ability to automatically instance prefabs at your scene that you distribute with your favorite prefab painting tool.
โ€“ Automatically Add-Remove prefab instances without any aditional code.
โ€“ Automatic detection and updating of transform position, rotation and scale changes.
โ€“ Full or area localized rigidbody and physics support.
โ€“ Nested Prefabs support (Unity 2018.3 and later).
โ€“ Add-Remove-Update prefab instances with or without instantiating GameObjects (examples included).
โ€“ Instance based material variations through API.
โ€“ Enabling and disabling instancing at runtime per instance basis.
โ€“ API to manage instanced prefabs at runtime.
โ€“ Includes mobile demo scene with custom controllers.

Detail Instancing Features:
โ€“ Dense grass fields and vegetation with very high frame rates.
โ€“ Included vegetation shader with wind, shadows, AO, billboarding and various other properties.
โ€“ Support for custom shaders and materials.
โ€“ Cross quadding support: automatically turns grass textures to crossed quads.
โ€“ Ability to paint prefabs with custom materials on Unity terrain (with Unity terrain tools).
โ€“ Ability to use prefabs with LOD Groups on Unity terrain.
โ€“ Further performance improvements with automatic spatial partitioning.
โ€“ API to manage instanced terrain detail prototypes at runtime (examples included).
โ€“ Editor GPU Instancing simulation.

Tree Instancing Features:
โ€“ Dense forests with very high frame rates.
โ€“ SpeedTree support with wind animations.
โ€“ SpeedTree 8 support with wind animations.
โ€“ Tree Creator support with wind animations.
โ€“ Support for Soft Occlusion Trees.
โ€“ Included billboard baker and renderers.

Extension Packs:
โ€“ Crowd Animations: Provides workflows for GPU Instancer to be used with animated crowds.

Third Party Integrations:
โ€“ MapMagic and MapMagic 2 integration.


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