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This pack includes a lot of high-quality realistic assets representing different elements commonly found in a garage, such as a workbench, stool, boxes, storage racks, garage doors, gardening tools, and more. These models are typically created with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring realism, inspired by real life and correctly scaled. The 3D models have Nanite enabled when possible.

Technical Details

Features: Features:

 96 Unique Meshes ( 143 meshes with all the variations)

• Most materials have a Base Color, Normal, and an ORM/ ORMH packed texture (R-Occlusion, B-Roughness, G-Metallic, A-Height).

• 6 master materials (very easy to customize), 135 Material instances3 Material Parameter Collection, and 5 Material Functions.

• The presentation scene and the demonstration scene are included.

• 224 Textures, sizes from 256×256 to 4096×4096 (most of them 4k with LOD bias enabled).

• 3 blueprints Garage Blueprint, Lighting Preset Blueprint, Cable Blueprint.

Collision: Yes.

LODs: Yes

Plugin Geometry Script should be enabled. -> Edit – Plugins – Geometry. This is required for the Cable Blueprint.

This product supports Lumen and Nanite for Unreal Engine 5.1+


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Asset Version (5.1+)


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