Full Realtime Industrial Environment (4.25+)


An industrial environment, full real-time (no baked lighting) and no scanned data.

Project contains some modules (walls, doors, windows, vents) and many decorators (concrete blocks, electrical parts, decals, props..) all of which can be used as a quick “starter kit” for such environments.

Sample map uses simple blueprint for creating repeatable objects (like fence, curb, building parts) with mesh instancing, and contains day/ night switch with lighting scenarios.

Flyby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq8RBM847og

Wind Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBB0Y2QjK4c

Update 1: Foliage meshes and trees are set up for Pivot Painter + example materials for PP wind.

Update 2: Foliage and trees are using PP wind by default, global wind controller actor added which affects foliage, trees and cables.

Update 3: Added blueprint for basic building generation and a map with examples.

Technical Details


  • reusable props for quick environment creation
  • project is adjusted for efficient full real-time rendering
  • switchable day/ night with lighting scenarios
  • simple material setup, for easy integration
  • windows with cubemap interiors
  • average texel density around 512 x 1 m^2

Meshes: 102 unique + 9 foliage. Vertex count: 17k (big) to 20 (small). Most of the assets are < 5k.

LODs: if vertex count is 5k and up LOD0-LOD2, Auto

Collisions: only simple box/ capsule/ sphere.


Bricks master + 2 instances (brick-plaster mixing is using world-space mask and POM). Environment master material + 45 instances, 8 tileable surfaces. Decals master + 25 instances. Terrain master with 3 layers. A few other materials like skybox, windows interior, etc.

Textures: 144 in total, resolution from 8k x 4k (skybox) to 512×512 (small props)

Blueprints: player controller, electric cables helper, simple instanced duplicator for creating bigger objects (like buildings), day/ night switch, global wind controller

Supported Platform: PC

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Project is using sky panorama image under CC0 license from HDRIHaven, the creator of the image.

Original_Link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/en-US/product/full-realtime-industrial-environment

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Asset Version (4.25+)

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