Forest Ogre (v1.1)


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Price down! Original price is 19.90 USD

Fantasy Pro Series Forest Ogre

This is pack consists of: Forest Ogre. It is slow but very strong! Forest Ogre is rigged and animated. 22 animations in total. Generic Mecanim rig set up. Forest Ogre has 1681 tris and its weapon is 176 tris. Textures are hand painted and available in 3 colors.

Please see images and Youtube video for animations and model preview before purchase.

– Idle
– Walk forward in place
– Walk forward with root motion
– Walk backward in place
– Walk backward with root motion
– Strafe right in place
– Strafe right with root motion
– Strafe left in place
– Strafe left with root motion
– Run forward in place
– Run forward with root motion
– Run backward in place
– Run backward with root motion
– Jump in place
– Jump with root motion
– Attack 01
– Attack 02
– Roar
– Cast Spell 01
– Defend
– Take Damage
– Die


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Asset Version (v1.1)

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